Yarrr!  Who we be!

We are a pirate crew of cannibals whose goals are to taki another bowl of grog (yaqona - see pic) and welcome the high tide!  Our crew slogan is: "Taki Na Yaqona!" (Another Round of Grog!)

This crew was founded on September 6, 2007 by Morkaleb, Kadavuchik and Bingomomma as a haven for friends to be able to gather and enjoy the benefits of Three Ring's online game, Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates.  The crew started out with the 3 original members only and their Alt characters: Icewolfe, Dethdealer, Tabusoro, Dragonbreath and Luckyp.  The three worked very hard to collect a fleet of 20 ships by playing carousing games, jobbing in elite pillages, blockades, flotillas and sea monster hunts, all the while increasing their stats and gaining many friends.  The three privateers can always be found jobbing, playing cards (Spades and Poker mostly), rumbling, sword fighting or more recently, running their own private pillages.  Bingomomma can also be found drinking and moving her ships about.

Upon introducing Kadavuchik's cousin to the game, Kaikoro decided to join our ranks where she spent most of her time jobbing with the Navy and eventually earning the rank of Admiral.  Now you can find her pillaging with crews, rumbling other pirates and enjoying a game of Treasure Drop.  After awhile, Bootstraps and Captnkiller (old friends of Morkaleb's) decided they would like to be among the ranks as well.  Captnkiller brought with him his old but faithful Grand Frigate, Ignorant Imp, increasing the crew's fleet to 21 ships in total.

In August of 2008, whilst at Kadavuchik's B-day party aboard her party ship, Social Rudd, Hrackcoe met the founders and was persuaded by Morkaleb (after his wife Starkisses joined first) to join the crew.  Hrackcoe brought with him not only his unusual humor but his trusty Sloop (increasing the fleet to 22 ships) and was able to enlist many other pirates as well.  These pirates all have decided to come to our crew to escape the politics and difficulties they experienced with other crews. 

On the 22nd day of January, 2009, Hrackcoe created our sister crew Rua Na Bilo.  On the 20th day of February, 2009, Hrackcoe, with his desire to have more control of flag decisions, decided to part ways with our flag and form his own.  Rua Na Bilo will always be our sister crew but will be free to organize blockades and such as they please.  We wish him and the new flag the best.  Dua Na Bilo, or the "Elders" as so lovingly named by Hrackcoe, will assist our sister crew/flag when we can.  Please feel free to check out their website at: ruanabilo.weebly.com

Please check out our flag website:  oceieboleiau.weebly.com

Crew Management Team:

Captain and Strategist:  Morkaleb

Senior Officer and First Mate:  Kadavuchik
Senior Officer and Lieutenant:  Bingomomma
Senior Officer and Steward:  Kaikoro

Fleet Officer and Ambassador:  Kasca
Fleet Officer and Purser:  Bootstraps
Fleet Officer and Diplomat:  Captnkiller


Photo Page
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Latest News - 12 Apr 09

Spring has brought many new improvements in the Game.  One great improvement is the ability to get hidden treasures in pillys.  With this improvement, our crew will be running several daily pillys.  we encourage all crew members to join us in our crew pillys and earn tons of PoE!

Important News!!!

When playing poker, please be careful about announcing your cards while in a house or on a ship.  Ocean Masters are aware that this kind of cheating is going on and are suspending pirates who do it.

-Senior Officer and Lieutenant, Bingomomma

Sink Report:

Sloop: Deceitful Trout - Sunk in Cursed Isles - 5/1/09

Sloop:  Living Sild - Sunk In Cursed Isles - 11/28/08

Sloop:  Happy Flounder - Sunk In Cursed Isles - 11/21/08

-Captain Morkaleb